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Functional organization of the human masseter muscle
The authors carried out an anatomic and magnetic resonance imaging study of the architecture of the elevator muscles of the mandible in 169 cadavers. The aim of this study was to define theExpand
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Rehabilitation of Irradiated Head and Neck Tissues by Autologous Fat Transplantation
Background: Treatment of head and neck cancers allows good carcinologic results but induces aesthetic and functional sequelae. Autologous fat transplants have been used to correct aesthetic defectsExpand
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Labiomandibular paresthesia caused by endodontic treatment: an anatomic and clinical study.
Labiomandibular paresthesia after root canal treatment is an accident that is still too frequent despite the development of new endodontic techniques. The aim of this anatomical and clinical study isExpand
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Long-Term Alterations of Cytokines and Growth Factors Expression in Irradiated Tissues and Relation with Histological Severity Scoring
Purpose Beside its efficacy in cancer treatment, radiotherapy induces degeneration of healthy tissues within the irradiated area. The aim of this study was to analyze the variations ofExpand
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Functional anatomy of the human temporal muscle
Abstract: The authors carried out an anatomical and magnetic resonance imaging study on the architecture of the mandibular elevator muscles of 169 cadavers. The aim of the study was to define theExpand
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General organization of the human intra-masseteric aponeuroses: changes with ageing
Abstract A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study of the layout of the aponeurotic layers of the masseter muscle was done on a series of 18 patients, aged from 6 to 79 years. The study was undertakenExpand
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Nonpalpable breast lesions: stereotaxic fine-needle aspiration cytology.
The authors reviewed the accuracy of stereotaxic fine-needle aspiration cytology in prediction of the presence of cancer. Seventy-four nonpalpable breast cancers and 144 benign lesions were studied.Expand
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Histologic changes in the sinus membrane after maxillary sinus augmentation in goats.
PURPOSE Previous studies have reported on the morphologic aspects of bone regeneration after maxillary sinus grafting. However, no previous studies have examinated the morphology of the maxillaryExpand
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Oral metastasis: a report of 23 cases.
The authors describe a pooled analysis of 23 French patients presenting with oral metastasis between 1981 and 2008. The reviewed cases were collected from the medical records of two cancerExpand
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Prognosis of nonpalpable infiltrating carcinoma of the breast.
A consecutive series of 185 instances of histologically confirmed nonpalpable infiltrating carcinoma of the breast is presented. Histologic nodal involvement was found in 12 per cent and wasExpand
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