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A guide to simulation
Despite the brevity of the book, its mathematical notation, and the problems which it poses without solutions, the textbook is imbued with a feeling for theitty-gritty practical aspects of simulation.
Algorithm 659: Implementing Sobol's quasirandom sequence generator
It is compared empirically accuracy and speed of low-discrepancy sequence generators of Sobol' and Faure to find out which are more useful for multidimensional integration and global optimization.
Implementation and tests of low-discrepancy sequences
Two ways to implement low-discrepancy sequences on a computer are described and the results obtained in various practical tests on particular integrals are discussed.
Fundamentals of Algorithmics
This chapter discusses Heuristic and Approximate Algorithms, which are concerned with the construction of algorithms for solving the challenge of solving the problem of inequality in the discrete-time domain.
Algorithmics - theory and practice
Algorithmics: theory and practice , Algorithmics: theory and practice , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
A guide to simulation (2nd ed.)
Coping with change
The present paper is an attempt to pose the problem of legal change rather more concretely than it has been treated in the paat, to summarize the attitudes to change the authors found in the literature, and to explain why more work is needed.
A guide to simulation, 2nd Edition
When you read more every page of this a guide to simulation 2nd edition, what you will obtain is something great.
Fundamentals of algorithms