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Spectroscopic Studies of DB White Dwarfs: The Instability Strip of the Pulsating DB (V777 Herculis) Stars
We have secured optical spectra for the eight currently known variable DB, or V777 Her, stars. With the help of a new generation of synthetic spectra, spectroscopic effective temperatures are derivedExpand
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A compact system of small planets around a former red-giant star
Planets that orbit their parent star at less than about one astronomical unit (1 au is the Earth–Sun distance) are expected to be engulfed when the star becomes a red giant. Previous observationsExpand
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The Pulsating White Dwarf Stars
We present a summary of what is currently known about the three distinct families of isolated pulsating white dwarfs. These are the GW Vir stars (He/C/O-atmosphere stars with Teff 120,000 K), theExpand
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We present new cooling sequences, color-magnitude diagrams, and color-color diagrams for cool white dwarfs with pure hydrogen atmospheres down to an effective temperature Teff = 1500 K. We include aExpand
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The Newly Discovered Pulsating Low-mass White Dwarfs: An Extension of the ZZ Ceti Instability Strip
In light of the exciting discovery of g-mode pulsations in extremely low-mass, He-core DA white dwarfs, we report on the results of a detailed stability survey aimed at explaining the existence ofExpand
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Discovery and Asteroseismological Analysis of the Pulsating sdB Star PG 0014+067*
We report the discovery of low-amplitude, short-period, multiperiodic luminosity variations in the hot B subdwarf PG 0014+067. This star was selected as a potential target in the course of ourExpand
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Adiabatic Survey of Subdwarf B Star Oscillations. III. Effects of Extreme Horizontal Branch Stellar Evolution on Pulsation Modes
We present the final results of a large, systematic survey of the adiabatic oscillation properties of models of subdwarf B (sdB) stars. This survey is aimed at providing the minimal theoreticalExpand
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Adiabatic properties of pulsating DA white dwarfs. II: Mode trapping in compositionally stratified models
As part of a series of investigations aimed at understanding the adiabatic gravity-mode period structure of models of pulsating DA white dwarfs, we examine qualitatively and quantitatively theExpand
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Adiabatic properties of pulsating DA white dwarfs. IV - an extensive survey of the period structure of evolutionary models
The results of a detailed adiabatic survey of the pulsation properties of evolutionary models of pulsating DA white dwarfs are presented. Pulsation periods, kinetic energies, and first-order rotationExpand
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Binding site analysis using linear programming
Estimation of binding site concentrations and equilibrium constants is achieved by using a linear programming techique configurated to a multiple-site monometal model
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