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Nuclear DNA Amounts in Roses
Abstract Nuclei isolated from young leaves were stained with propidium iodide (PI) and their fluorescence intensities were measured by flow cytometry. The ratio of fluorescence intensities of fourExpand
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The use of genomic in situ hybridization (GISH) to show transmission of recombinant chromosomes by a partially fertile bigeneric hybrid, Gasteria lutzii ×Aloe aristata (Aloaceae), to its progeny
Abstract.Genomic in situ hybridization (GISH) was used to study somatic chromosomes of parental and progeny plants (all 2n=2x=14) of the bigeneric hybrid between Gasteria lutzii and Aloe aristataExpand
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Genome Size Variation in the Aloaceae, an Angiosperm Family Displaying Karyotypic Orthoselection
Chromosomal variation is widespread in angiosperms, with numbers ranging from 2n = 4 in some species to over 600 in others, and with genome sizes from the minute in Arabidopsis thaliana to the veryExpand
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The Chromosomes of the Liliaceae: II: Polyploidy and Karyotype Variation in the Aloineae
In the first paper of this series Jones & Smith (1967) described the karyotypes of twenty-five species belonging to four tribes. The extensive collection of living members of the tribe Aloineae inExpand
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Inversion heterozygosity and sub-chromatid exchange in Agave stricta
A plant of Agave strictaSalm. (2n=60) has a bimodal complement of 10 L, 4 M and 46 S chromosomes. It is heterozygous for a paracentric inversion which involves the middle third of the long arm of oneExpand
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New chromosome numbers in petaloid monocotyledons and in other miscellaneous angiosperms
Summary. 502 chromosome counts are given for over 190 vouchered taxa in 32 genera representing 14 families, the majority of which are petaloid monocotyledons. Their significance is discussed.
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Voanioala gerardii has the highest known chromosome number in the monocotyledons
A new monotypic genus from Madagascar, Voanioala gerardii, has at least 2n = 596 chromosomes, the highest number known in the monocotyledons and exceeded perhaps by only a single known dicotyledonExpand
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The Chromosomes of Species, Hybrids and Cultivars of Narcissus L. (Amaryllidaceae)
Chromosome counts are reported for 46 taxa, 8 F, hybrids and 230 cultivated varieties of Narcissus L. and the percentage pollen viability is given for most of them. B chromosomes were found inExpand
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Chromosome behaviour in the Aloineae
At AI of meiosis dicentric bridges with acentric fragments and bridges with double side-arms, products of chromatid and sub-chromatid errors respectively, occur with varying frequency in the greatExpand
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