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The IBM Blue Gene/Q Compute Chip
The architecture and design of the Compute chip is examined, which combines processors, memory, and communication functions on a single chip to build a massively parallel high-performance computing system out of power-efficient processor chips.
Standard Model Prediction for Direct CP Violation in K→ππ Decay.
The result for Re(ϵ^{'}/ϵ) provides a new test of the standard model theory of CP violation, one which can be made more accurate with increasing computer capability.
Grid: A next generation data parallel C++ QCD library
The motivation, implementation details, and performance of a new physics code base called Grid is discussed, intended to be more performant, more general, but similar in spirit to QDP++\cite{QDP}.
Domain wall QCD with physical quark masses
We present results for several light hadronic quantities ( f π , f K , B K , m ud , m s , t 0 ½, w 0 ) obtained from simulations of 2+1 flavor domain wall lattice QCD with large physical volumes and
Calculation of the Hadronic Vacuum Polarization Contribution to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment.
By supplementing lattice data for very short and long distances with R-ratio data, this work significantly improves the precision to a_{μ}^{HVP LO}=692.5(2.7)×10^{-10}.
Overview of the QCDSP and QCDOC computers
The architecture of both the QCDSP and QCDOC machines, the operating systems employed, the user software environment, and the performance of the application-- lattice QCD are described.
Continuum limit physics from 2 + 1 flavor domain wall QCD
We present physical results obtained from simulations using 2+1 flavors of domain wall quarks and the Iwasaki gauge action at two values of the lattice spacing a, (a −1 = 1.73 (3) GeV and a −1 = 2.28
Neutral kaon mixing beyond the Standard Model with nf = 2 + 1 chiral fermions. Part 2: non perturbative renormalisation of the ΔF = 2 four-quark operators
A bstractWe compute the renormalisation factors (Z-matrices) of the ΔF = 2 four-quark operators needed for Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) kaon mixing. We work with nf = 2+1 flavours of Domain-Wall
The pion's electromagnetic form factor at small momentum transfer in full lattice QCD
We compute the electromagnetic form factor of a ``pion with mass m? = 330?MeV at low values of Q2??q2, where q is the momentum transfer. The computations are performed in a lattice simulation using
Direct CP violation and the ΔI=1/2 rule in K→ππ decay from the standard model
We present a lattice QCD calculation of the ΔI=1/2, K→ππ decay amplitude A0 and ϵ′, the measure of direct CP violation in K→ππ decay, improving our 2015 calculation [1] of these quantities. Both