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Basic objects in natural categories
Abstract Categorizations which humans make of the concrete world are not arbitrary but highly determined. In taxonomies of concrete objects, there is one level of abstraction at which the most basicExpand
The Hands are the Head of the Mouth
A vehicle occupant restraint system which inflates upon impact and includes lap and shoulder harnesses which resemble conventional restraint systems in their uninflated state. Expand
Preliminaries to a distinctive feature analysis of handshapes in American Sign Language
Abstract In this article we propose a set of 11 distinctive features for hand configurations (Dez) in the American Sign Language of the deaf. The model is based on the results of applying clusteringExpand
A multimedia bilingual database for the lexicon of Swiss German Sign Language
This multimedia database project is the first large-scale collection and description of the signs of Swiss German Sign Language (Deutschschweizerische Gebardensprache, DSGS). The aim of the databaseExpand
Sign language text transcription and analyses using ‘Microsoft Excel’
This is a short explanation of how we have used the commercial software program ‘Microsoft Excel’ for transcriptions of Swiss German Sign Language monologues and conversations. Although theExpand