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A reconstruction of the Lava mouse (Malpaisomys insularis), an extinct rodent of the Canary Islands
Described the skeleton and evaluated the form, size and ecological niche of Malpaisomys insularis, an extinct rodent of the Canary Islands. The lava mouse was a generalized murid rodent with a headExpand
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On the distribution and status of the Black Francolin, Francolinus francolinus, in Cyprus
Abstract The present distribution of the Black Francolin (Francolinus francolinus) in Cyprus is concentrated in two restricted areas: the Karpasia peninsula in the north-east of the island, whereExpand
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Notes on the morphology, ecology and geographic origin of the Cyprus Long-eared hedgehog ( Hemiechinus auritus dorotheae)
Morphological and ecological data on the Long-eared hedgehog in Cyprus are given based on new material and observations. White ear tips are frequent and variability of dental characters is high,Expand
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