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Family-group names in Coleoptera (Insecta)
Abstract We synthesize data on all known extant and fossil Coleoptera family-group names for the first time. A catalogue of 4887 family-group names (124 fossil, 4763 extant) based on 4707 distinctExpand
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Checklist of beetles (Coleoptera) of Canada and Alaska. Second edition
Abstract All 8237 species-group taxa of Coleoptera known to occur in Canada and Alaska are recorded by province/territory or state, along with their author(s) and year of publication, in aExpand
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Synoptic classification of the world Tenebrionidae [Insecta: Coleoptera] with a review of family-group names
A synoptic classification of the Tenebrionidae is presented. The family is divided into 10 subfamilies, 96 tribes and 61 subtribes. A catalogue containing 319 family-group names based on 266 generaExpand
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The present catalogue contains 1,611 valid genera, 678 valid subgenera, 15,407 valid species, 1,042 valid subspecies and 9,381 names of invalid or nomenclaturally unavailable species-group orExpand
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Patterns and levels of endemism in the Australian Wet Tropics rainforest: evidence from flightless insects
This study examines the level and pattern of endemism among 274 flightless rainforest insects found in the Wet Tropics region of Australia. Endemism is measured at two nested scales: (1) thoseExpand
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Higher level molecular phylogeny of darkling beetles (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
Insect diversity represents about 60% of the estimated million‐and‐a‐half described eukaryotic species worldwide, yet comprehensive and well‐resolved intra‐ordinal phylogenies are still lacking forExpand
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Cretaceous environmental changes led to high extinction rates in a hyperdiverse beetle family
BackgroundAs attested by the fossil record, Cretaceous environmental changes have significantly impacted the diversification dynamics of several groups of organisms. A major biome turnover thatExpand
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The genera in the second catalogue (1833–1836) of Dejean’s Coleoptera collection
Abstract All genus-group names listed in the second edition of the catalogue (1833-1836) of Dejean’s beetle collection are recorded. For each new genus-group name the originally included availableExpand
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Maternal influence and population differences in activities of mitochondrial and glycolytic enzymes in emergent sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) fry
Full-sib groups were created from two reproductively isolated sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) populations, Weaver and Gates creeks, to test the hypotheses that prefed, emergent fry from differentExpand
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