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Dielectrics in static fields
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Defect-diffusion models of dielectric relaxation
Dielectric relaxation due to defect-diffusion in liquids, as introduced by Glarum, is considered for the case that reorientation of a molecule at time t ⪢ 0 may be due not only to the nearest defectExpand
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Dielectrics in time-dependent fields
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Aggregate size and dielectric behaviour of phosphatidylcholine in non-polar solvents.
Abstract It is demonstrated from vapour-pressure osmometric data on solutions of phosphatidylcholine in benzene in the concentration range 0.015-0.08 mole/1 that under these conditions PC formsExpand
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Dielectric relaxation of some amides in carbon tetrachloride
Abstract Dielectric relaxation times have been determined for mixtures of N-methylformamide, N-t-butylformamide, N-ethylacetamide, and N-methylpropionamide with
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On the derivation of the Kirkwood-Fröhlich equation
Abstract A new derivation of the Kirkwood-Frohlich equation is presented. It follows from this derivation that within the limitation that the electric properties of the molecules are characterizedExpand
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Physical studies of nematic azoxybenzenes. II. Refractive indices and the internal field
The ordinary refractive index and the birefringence are reported for two homologous series of nematic liquid crystals, the p,p′‐di‐n‐alkyl and p,p′‐di‐n‐alkoxy azoxybenzenes. It is found that theExpand
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