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Briancoppinsia, a new coelomycetous genus of Arthoniaceae (Arthoniales) for the lichenicolous Phoma cytospora, with a key to this and similar taxa
Morphological, anatomical, chemical and molecular data suggest that a relatively common lichenicolous coelomycete on Lecanora conizaeoides is conspecific with Phoma cytospora, previously known onlyExpand
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Endohyalina, the genus in the Physciaceae to accommodate the species of the Rinodina ericina-group
The genus Endohyalina is characterized by crustose, autonomous, or obligately lichenicolous thalli, lecideine apothecia with a hymenium often more or less inspersed with oil droplets and a brownExpand
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New records of lichens and lichenicolous fungi from Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), with descriptions of some new species
The flora of lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) has been studied. The recent catalogue of the Island was composed of 91 species. In the presented annotated list, 98 areExpand
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Lichens and lichenicolous fungi of the Azores (Portugal), collected on São Miguel and Terceira with the descriptions of seven new species
One hundred lichen species and lichenicolous fungi are reported from the Azores, occurring on Sao Miguel and/or Terceira, collected in 2011 and 2014. Thirty-seven species are newly recorded to theExpand
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Some new Lecanora species from western and central Europe, belonging to the L. saligna group, with notes on related species
A revision of the Lecanora saligna -group is provided, based on specimens mainly from western and central Europe. Four new Lecanora species related to L. saligna are described: L. calabrica , L.Expand
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Further data on the lichen genus Bacidia s. l. in the Canary Islands and Western Europe, with descriptions of two new species
Bacidia paramedialis, described as new from La Palma, is closely related to the widespread, probably pantropical B. medialis. Two species are recognized within B. arnoldiana: a saxicolous speciesExpand
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Contribution to the flora of Portugal, lichens and lichenicolous fungi III
Twenty four lichens and lichenicolous fungi are reported as new to Portugal, including seven records new to Iberian Peninsula. These reports are from a wide range of localities throughout theExpand
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Three new species of crustose Physciaceae from Guatemala, with notes on some additional species
Three crustose species of Physciaceae from Guatemala are reported as new to science, the saxicolous Buellia rugosissima and Dimelaena subsquamulosa and the corticolous Sculptolumina conradiae.Expand
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