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Hydrographic evolution in relation to neotectonics aided by data processing and assessment: some examples from the Northern Apennines (Italy)
Abstract Geomorphological, morphotectonic, stratigraphical, structural and geological data were collected in the area between the Rivers Scrivia and Nure, the Po Plain and the headwaters of theExpand
Credit supply and resource productivity among farmers group link to banks in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Lending to small-scale farmers has been an important policy measure to stimulate agricultural development in Nigeria. In Adamawa state, small-scale farmers constitute the larger percentage of farmersExpand
Soil status and yield response of different varieties of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) grown at Mubi floodplain, North Eastern, Nigeria
-1 . The plots were irrigated on weekly bases. The results obtained were subjected to analysis of variance and means separated using Duncan's multiple range test. Significant (p<0.05) differencesExpand
Effects of the inhibitor of xanthine dehydrogenase, 4-hydroxypyrazolo(3,4 d)pyrimidine (or HPP) on the red eye pigments ofDrosophila melanogaster
Esemplari diD. melanogaster di tipo selvaggio o del mutantest, allevati su terreno contenente l'inibitore della xantino-deidrogenasi 4-idrossipirazolo-(3, 4 d)pirimidina (HPP), presentano l'occhioExpand
Abnormalities of the eye pigments (pteridins and ommochromes) induced inDrosophila melanogaster by the inhibitor of xanthine dehydrogenase 4-hydroxypyrazolo (3,4 d) pyrimidine
Quando ceppi dei mutantise ecl diD. melanogaster sono fatti crescere su terreni contenenti l'inibitore della xantino-deidrogenasi 4-idrossipirazolo (3,4 d) pirimidina, si osserva una perdita parzialeExpand
Evaluation of Environmental and Vulnerability Impact of Bush Burning in Southern Guinea Savanna of Adamawa State, Nigeria
Aims: To evaluate farmer’s perceptions about the environmental and vulnerability impact of bush burning. Study Design: Field survey. Place and Duration of Study: Southern Guinea savanna of AdamawaExpand
Acute toxicity and elimination of phenol injected into fish (Carassius auratus L.)
  • P. Boni
  • Biology, Medicine
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  • 1 April 1965
Nel ciprino la DLM del fenolo è di 230 mg/kg i.m. Il fenolo, iniettato i.m. a dose di 200 mg/kg, viene eliminato in media per quasi il 90% nelle prime 4 ore come fenoli liberi. Sotto il profilo dellaExpand
Geomorphosites in Lombardy
L. Pellegrini et al., The Geomorphosites in Lombardy. (IT ISSN 0394-3356, 2005). Lombardy is a region of Northern Italy with a territory whose structure includes, from the physical-geographical pointExpand