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Neo-Confucianism in History
* Introduction: Neo-Confucianism in History * The World of the Eleventh Century: 750 and 1050 Compared * Searching for a New Foundation in the Eleventh Century * The Neo-Confucians * Politics *Expand
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Quantitative historical analysis uncovers a single dimension of complexity that structures global variation in human social organization
Significance Do human societies from around the world exhibit similarities in the way that they are structured and show commonalities in the ways that they have evolved? To address theseExpand
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WorldMap – a geospatial framework for collaborative research
WorldMap is a web-based, map-centric data exploration system built on open-source geospatial technology at Harvard University. Expand
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Sung Dynasty Uses of the I Ching
The "I Ching," or Book of Changes, has been one of the two or three most influential books in the Chinese canon. It has been used by people on all levels of society, both as a method of divinationExpand
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Creating a GIS for the History of China
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Mining local gazetteers of literary Chinese with CRF and pattern based methods for biographical information in Chinese history
We explore the research on algorithmically recognizing named entities in literary Chinese for historical studies with language-model based and conditional-random-field based methods, and extend our work to mining the document structures in historical documents. Expand
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