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Functional diversity in European estuaries: Relating the composition of fish assemblages to the abiotic environment
Based on a large standardised data set, the present study proposed a meta-analysis to describe general patterns in the functional diversity of estuarine fish assemblage in terms of both number ofExpand
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Climate change impacts on structure and diversity of fish communities in rivers
It is widely accepted that climate change constrains biota. Yet, because of the lack of consistent multisite and multitaxon surveys, few studies have addressed general rules about how climate changeExpand
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Development of a fish-based index to assess the ecological quality of transitional waters: the case of French estuaries.
The Water Framework Directive requires the assessment of the ecological status of transitional waters considering the fish component. An original methodology, based on a pressure-impact approach, wasExpand
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Fish under influence: A macroecological analysis of relations between fish species richness and environmental gradients among European tidal estuaries
Estuarine fish assemblages are subject to a great environmental variability that largely depends on both upstream fluvial and downstream marine influences. From this ecohydrological view, our studyExpand
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First record of the invasive oriental shrimp Palaemon macrodactylus Rathbun, 1902 in France (Gironde Estuary)
During summer 2006, the first specimens of the oriental shrimp Palaemon macrodactylus Rathbun, 1902 were identified in the Gironde Estuary (France). These specimens, which included ovigerous females,Expand
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Trophic functioning of coastal ecosystems along an anthropogenic pressure gradient: A French case study with emphasis on a small and low impacted estuary
Abstract The ecological functioning of various French coastal ecosystems, with special emphasis on the Canche estuary, along an anthropogenic pressure gradient was studied using mass-balanced trophicExpand
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Reproductive Biology of Palaemon longirostris (Decapoda: Palaemonidae) from Gironde Estuary (France), with a Comparison with Other European Populations
Abstract Our study details key parameters of the reproductive biology of the shrimp Palaemon longirostris, e.g., spatio-temporal variation of the sex-ratio, migration pattern, breeding period,Expand
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Impact of the sampling protocol in assessing ecological trends in an estuarine ecosystem: The empirical example of the Gironde estuary
In view of the European Union (EU) requirements to diagnose and monitor the ecological status of estuarine ecosystems using fish-based indicators, we assessed the effect of the sampling protocol inExpand
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A Spatially Explicit Resource-Based Approach for Managing Stream Fishes in Riverscapes
The article describes a riverscape approach based on landscape ecology concepts, which aims at studying the multiscale relationships between the spatial pattern of stream fish habitat patches andExpand
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First description of heavy skeletal deformations in Palaemon shrimp populations of European estuaries: the case of the Gironde (France)
This study aims at analyzing morphological deformities in Palaemon population in the Gironde estuary. The most frequent abnormalities affected cephalothorax and rostrum, and to a lesser extentExpand
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