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Facies Estimation with Pre-stack Geostatistical Inverted Seismic Data
The prediction of hydrocarbon volumes stored in the reservoir is a key element in reservoir management. Based on the predictions, reserves are mapped and economical decisions are taken. Therefore, itExpand
Taking into Account Uncertainty on Fairway Borders for Lateral Offset Stacked Channels (LOSCs) Simulations
Among the process-based methods, the Lateral Offset Channels (LOSCs) simulation method has been especially designed to simulate logical chronological sequences of channels. The last (most recent)Expand
MPS Application to Continuous Geometries
An important number of case studies contains continuous geobodies like channel and lobe systems. Applying a classical algorithm of Multiple Point Statistics (MPS), those continuous structures cannotExpand
Geostatistical Simulations on Irregular Reservoir Models
The new generation of reservoir computer models based on unstructured meshes requires appropriate methods for filling the cells with petrophysical data. Classical methods are not applicable toExpand