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Phylogenetics, ancestral state reconstruction, and a new infrafamilial classification of the pantropical Ochnaceae (Medusagynaceae, Ochnaceae s.str., Quiinaceae) based on five DNA regions.
Ochnaceae s.str. (Malpighiales) are a pantropical family of about 500 species and 27 genera of almost exclusively woody plants. Infrafamilial classification and relationships have been controversialExpand
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Taxonomic novelties in the genus Campylospermum (Ochnaceae)
Four new species, one with two subspecies, of the genus Campylospermum are described, all endemic or sub-endemic to Gabon. These are C. auriculatum, C. gabonensis, C. gabonensis subsp. australis, C.Expand
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Novitates Gabonenses 69. A new endemic species of and a new combination in campylospermum (Ochnaceae).
A new species of Campylospermum endemic to the Crystal Mountains, Gabon, and belonging to sect. Notocampylum is described. Besides that, a West-Central African species of Ouratea, nowadays a strictlyExpand
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Determinants of spatial patterns of canopy tree species in a tropical evergreen forest in Gabon
QUESTIONS: We examined the spatial patterns of dominant canopy species in a tropical forest to investigate: (a) what is the niche occupancy of canopy species with respect to topographic gradients;Expand
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Taxonomic assessment of O. furcillata (Oxalidaceae)
The family Oxalidaceae has a worldwide distribution, but is most common in tropical and subtropical regions. Oxalis L. is the largest genus of the family comprising ca. 800 of the 900 species. OxalisExpand
Systematics, evolution and historical biogeography of the family Ochnaceae with emphasis on the genus Campylospermum
Abstract Ochnaceae s.l. is a family of trees, shrubs or rarely herbs widely distributed in tropical and subtropical forests and savannas of the Old and New World, and has about 500 species in 32Expand
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