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Discovering Consumer Insight from Twitter via Sentiment Analysis
A system based on sentiment analysis to automatically analyze customer opinions from the Twitter micro-blog service, which showed that the system could help indicating the customers' sentiments towards the product features, such as Application, Screen, and Camera. Expand
Authenticating User Using Keystroke Dynamics and Finger Pressure
The finding has shown that, the finger pressure gives the discriminative information more than keystroke dynamics with the PNN analytical method. Expand
Risk factors for conjunctival squamous cell neoplasia: a matched case-control study
Solar elastosis is much more frequently found in CSCn cases than in their matched controls and is a risk factor for CSCN. Expand
Feasibility study on authentication based keystroke dynamic over touch-screen devices
This study proposed a new study of feasibility to use keystroke dynamics on touch-screen devices, which gives an accuracy at 82.18% with FAR and FRR at 0.020 and 0.178 respectively. Expand
Uncover impact factors of text-based CAPTCHA identification
The results of this study have shown that the presented character(s), genders of users, and their educational background are some of the important factors determining the correctness of CAPTCHA typing by its users. Expand
Intelligent Quality of Service Technologies and Network Management: Models for Enhancing Communication
This book provides practical solutions that integrate network management and QoS strategies for real-world application and offers fundamental knowledge on the subject. Expand
PIMSI: A Partial Image Spam Inspector
A novel method that can detect a set of image spam e- mail called a Partial Image Spam Inspector (PIMSI) is proposed, which will sensitively protect the distribution of all messages which have a partial similarity of spam E- mail. Expand
IT direction in Thailand: cultivating an e-society
For decades, advances in information technology have enhanced lives and economics around the world. Attempting to ride this wave, Thailand has worked since the late 1980s to develop a nationwide ITExpand
Active Learning of Nondeterministic Finite State Machines
We consider the problem of learning nondeterministic finite state machines (NFSMs) from systems where their internal structures are implicit and nondeterministic. Recently, an algorithm for inferringExpand
Automatic detection and correction of programming faults for software applications
The objective of the PFD technique is to increase software reliability without increasing the programmers' responsibilities, and the concepts of ''pre-compilation'' and ''pattern matching'' are applied to PFD in order to reduce the risk of significant damage during execution period. Expand