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Effects of rice straw and nitrogen fertilization on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage in tropical flooded soil planted with rice
Abstract Effects of four years of inorganic and organic nitrogen (N) management on the emission of three major greenhouse gases (GHGs): methane (CH 4 ), carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and nitrous oxide (N 2Expand
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Prograding distributive fluvial systems—geomorphic models and ancient examples
Recent work indicates that most modern continental sedimentary basins are filled primarily by distributive fluvial systems (DFS). In this article we use depositional environment interpretationsExpand
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Effect of fly ash application on soil microbial response and heavy metal accumulation in soil and rice plant.
Fly ash (FA), a byproduct of coal combustion in thermal power plants, has been considered as a problematic solid waste and its safe disposal is a cause of concern. Several studies proposed that FAExpand
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Variation of functional diversity of soil microbial community in sub-humid tropical rice-rice cropping system under long-term organic and inorganic fertilization
Abstract Soil microbial communities play an essential role in maintaining soil fertility and considered as ecological indicators to evaluate soil health. In the present study, long-term effects ofExpand
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Submergence tolerance in relation to application time of nitrogen and phosphorus in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Abstract Transient complete submergence reduces survival and yield of more than 22 million ha of rice in rainfed lowlands and flood prone areas in Asia. Progress has been made in developing moreExpand
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Carbon and nitrogen fractions and stocks under 41 years of chemical and organic fertilization in a sub-humid tropical rice soil
Abstract Effects of different fertilizers and manure on dynamics of soil organic carbon (SOC) and nitrogen fractions and their stock changes remains unclear under intensively cultivated rice soilExpand
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Recalcitrant and labile carbon pools in a sub-humid tropical soil under different tillage combinations: A case study of rice-wheat system
Abstract In order to utilize agricultural soils as an option to offset atmospheric carbon, it is essential to ascertain the degree of stability of the accrued carbon. A two step acid hydrolysisExpand
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Impact of elevated CO2 and temperature on soil C and N dynamics in relation to CH4 and N2O emissions from tropical flooded rice (Oryza sativa L.).
A field experiment was carried out to investigate the impact of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) (CEC, 550 μmol mol(-1)) and elevated CO2+elevated air temperature (CECT, 550 μmol mol(-1) and 2°C moreExpand
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Influence of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature on belowground carbon allocation and enzyme activities in tropical flooded soil planted with rice
Changes in the soil labile carbon fractions and soil biochemical properties to elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature reflect the changes in the functional capacity of soil ecosystems. TheExpand
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Soil aggregation and distribution of carbon and nitrogen in different fractions after 41years long-term fertilizer experiment in tropical rice–rice system
Abstract Inorganic fertilizers and manure application can alter the aggregate distribution as well as aggregate associated organic carbon and nitrogen. It is not fully understood how long termExpand
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