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psort, Yet Another Fast Stable Sorting Software
Ppsort's internals are detailed, and the careful fitting of its architecture to the structure of modern PCs-class platforms, allowing it to outperform state-of-the-art sorting software such as GNUsort or STXXL.
PariSync: Clock synchronization in P2P networks
PariSync works on extremely large peer-to-peer networks (millions of nodes) exhibiting good performance even in the presence of churn and malicious nodes.
FASTDD: An Open Source Forensic Imaging Tool
This work introduces fastdd, a new disk imaging tool that achieves unmatched performance while having fewer resource requirements than the currently available tools and being designed to be easily extendable.
Obtaining Performance Measures through Microbenchmarking in a Peer-to-Peer Overlay Computer
It is argued that a measuring system for a P2P-based globally distributed computing platform should take into account the communication patterns generated by the applications in order to provide useful performance insights.
Datamation: A Quarter of a Century and Four Orders of Magnitude Later
Of the many implementation and configuration choices the authors faced, the most crucial were judicious data placement and access patterns on disk, adoption of UDP sockets instead of MPI, careful pruning of virtually all system daemons, and rejection of ``on demand'' frequency scaling.
psort 2011 – pennysort , datamation , joulesort ∗
This memo reports the results of our psort (general purpose) sorting software on a number of hardware configurations. “Vanilla” psort sorted 10GB for 2122 joules on a Nokia N900 smartphone with an
psort 2009
This memo reports the results of our psort (general purpose) sorting software on a 5 disk 427.86$ PC with 4 GB of RAM and an Athlon LE 1640 2.6 GHz processor. psort sorted 67 · 2 records in 2211
psort , yet another fast stable external sorting software
psort is a fast, stable external sorting software available as a binary executable that can sort a disk file interpreted as a sequence of r byte records according to a key of k bytes starting from
A Novel Resource-Driven Job Allocation Scheme for Desktop Grid Environments
In this paper we propose a novel framework for the dynamic allocation of jobs in grid-like environments, in which such jobs are dispatched to the machines of the grid by a centralized scheduler. We