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Treatment of complex I deficiency with riboflavin
We have evaluated the effects of treatment with riboflavin in five patients with a mitochondrial myopathy, associated with a complex I (NADH dehydrogenase) deficiency. Two patients suffered from aExpand
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Bilateral neuralgic amyotrophy induced by interferon treatment.
Neurologic side effects of interferon therapy usually consist of diffuse involvement of the central and peripheral nervous systems. We describe a patient with hairy cell leukemia who developedExpand
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Successful treatment of pure myopathy, associated with complex I deficiency, with riboflavin and carnitine.
We describe a 6-year-old boy who presented with progressive muscle weakness. Additional investigations revealed the existence of a myopathy and a pure motor neuropathy. Biochemical studies in muscleExpand
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Peripheral facial nerve paralysis after local upper dental anaesthesia.
A 50-year-old female patient developed a facial nerve paralysis after a local upper dental block. This complication is known to occur after an inferior dental block but has only sporadically beenExpand
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Spinal epidural hematoma visualized by magnetic resonance imaging
Two weeks before admission this 45-year-old male suddenly experienced an excruciating low back pain radiating down the back of both legs into the calves. The pain remained, but with fluctuatingExpand
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BOLD MRI response to hypercapnic hyperoxia in patients with meningiomas: correlation with Gadolinium-DTPA uptake rate.
Because meningiomas tend to recur after (partial) surgical resection, radiotherapy is increasingly being applied for the treatment of these tumors. Radiation dose levels are limited, however, toExpand
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Phenotypic expression in mucopolysaccharidosis VII.
beta-glucuronidase deficiency is an extremely rare disorder which is known to have a considerable phenotypic variation. A survey of the clinical findings in 19 previously reported patients withExpand
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Effect of Breathing a Hyperoxic Hypercapnic Gas Mixture on the Oxygenation of Meningiomas; Preliminary Results
For meningiomas in which complete resection is impossible stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy are increasingly important therapeutical options. The radiosensitivity of meningiomas may beExpand
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[Chorea mollis, a rare variant of chorea minor].
A 15-year-old boy was admitted at age 10 because of muscle weakness, choreatic involuntary movements, and a profound hypotonia. He was diagnosed as having chorea mollis, a rare variant of Sydenham'sExpand
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