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Towards a spatial perspective on sustainability transitions
In the past decade, the literature on transitions towards sustainable socio-technical systems has made a considerable contribution in understanding the complex and multi-dimensional shifts consideredExpand
Who matters to universities? A stakeholder perspective on humanities, arts and social sciences valorisation
Valorisation is at the centre of many debates on the future of academic research. But valorisation has largely become narrowly understood in terms of universities’ economic contributions throughExpand
Understanding the Regional Contribution of Higher Education Institutions: A Literature Review
The contribution of higher education institutions to regional development is a theme that has attracted growing attention in recent years. Knowledge institutions are increasingly expected not only toExpand
University spin-off policies and economic development in Less successful regions: Learning from two decades of policy practice
Abstract Although there is great interest in the new knowledge economy, less favoured regions seem permanently disadvantaged because they lack a critical mass of knowledge capital to initiateExpand
In what sense ‘regional development?’: entrepreneurship, underdevelopment and strong tradition in the periphery
This paper explores whether entrepreneurship can help less successful regions to improve their regional economic situation, without all the benefits that entrepreneurship brings when being ‘strippedExpand
The New Economic Geography of Old Industrial Regions: Universities as Global — Local Pipelines
The knowledge economy appears to be problematic for old industrial regions, as lock-in and restructuring remove assets for innovation from their territories, as well as for the kinds of policy whichExpand
Universities and regional development : a critical assessment of tensions and contradictions
1. Introduction to the Volume PART I: SETTING THE STAGE FOR THE DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS 2: Understanding Regions and the Institutionalization of Universities PART II: TENSIONS DERIVED FROM PATH- ANDExpand
Confusing clusters?: Making sense of the cluster approach in theory and practice
In recent years, there has been the peculiar rise of a new object of study in geography and regional economics, drawing heavily on past ideas but carrying with it the entice of the novel, theExpand
Where Is the Value Added in the Cluster Approach? Hermeneutic Theorising, Economic Geography and Clusters as a Multiperspectival Approach
Barnes has argued that (new) economic geography has moved in to a phase of theory development that he describes as 'hermeneutic' theorising. This epistemological position is characterised by anExpand
Creating new industries and service clusters on Tyneside
Cluster policies have become an increasingly important component of the European Structural Funds, and are likely to become more so as cost pressures on these policies increase with EuropeanExpand