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Raman study of Bi2O3-GeO2-SiO2 glasses
Raman spectra have been obtained for 2Bi 2 O 3 -3[(GeO 2 ) x -(SiO 2 ) 1-y ][2-3 composition) and 6Bi 2 O 3 -[(GeO 2 ) x -(SiO 2 ) 1-x ] (6-1 composition) glasses at different Ge/Si nominal ratios.Expand
Raman study of Bi2O3GeO2SiO2 glasses
Raman spectra have been obtained for 2Bi2O33[(GeO2)x(SiO2)1 - x] (2–3 composition) and 6Bi2O3[(GeO2)x(SiO2)1 - x] (6-1 composition) glasses at different GeSi nominal ratios. In both compositions,Expand
FTIR spectroscopy of OH stretching modes in BSO, BGO and BTO sillenites
High-resolution (0.05 cm-1) FTIR spectroscopy in the temperature range 9-320 K has been used to monitor the narrow line absorption spectra, induced by the stretching modes of OH and OD impurities inExpand
A Raman study of Bi4(GexSi1-x)3O12 crystals
Abstract The Raman spectra of Bi 4 Ge 3 O 12 and Bi 4 Si 3 O 12 monocrystals grown by the Czochralski method and of Bi 4 (Ge x Si 1−x ) 3 O 12 mixed crystals, obtained by devetrification of the 2Bi 2Expand
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OH− absorption in Bi4Si3O12 single crystals
Abstract High resolution FTIR absorption spectroscopy has been used to study the vibrational modes of hydroxyl ions incorporated into Bi4Si3O12 crystals. The single narrow absorption band observed atExpand