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The oxidation of aniline to produce “polyaniline”: a process yielding many different nanoscale structures
The number of different nano- and micro-scale structures produced from the chemical oxidation of aniline into “polyaniline” is rivaled by few other organic materials. Nanoscale structures such asExpand
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Molecular, Local, and Network-Level Basis for the Enhanced Stiffness of Hydrogel Networks Formed from Coassembled Racemic Peptides: Predictions from Pauling and Corey
Hydrogels prepared from self-assembling peptides are promising materials for medical applications, and using both l- and d-peptide isomers in a gel’s formulation provides an intuitive way to controlExpand
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Adsorption of homopolypeptides on gold investigated using atomistic molecular dynamics.
We investigate the role of dynamics on adsorption of peptides to gold surfaces using all-atom molecular dynamics simulations in explicit solvent. We choose six homopolypeptides [Ala(10), Ser(10),Expand
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Arresting dissolution by interfacial rheology design
Significance The challenge of creating foams and emulsions with well-controlled size distribution and properties is encountered in many structured materials, such as food formulations and consumerExpand
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Millimeter-area, free standing, phospholipid bilayers.
Minimal model biomembrane studies have the potential to unlock the fundamental mechanisms of cellular function that govern the processes upon which life relies. However, existing methods to fabricateExpand
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Elongated polystyrene spheres as resonant building blocks in anisotropic colloidal crystals
Colloidal crystals have gained increasing importance due to their fascinating ability to mold the flow of light and sound (heat). The characteristics of these ordered assemblies of particles areExpand
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Anisotropic hypersonic phonon propagation in films of aligned ellipsoids.
A material with anisotropic elastic mechanical properties and a direction-dependent hypersonic band gap is fabricated using ac electric field-directed convective self-assembly of colloidalExpand
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Self-Assembly of Pluronic F127 Diacrylate in Ethylammonium Nitrate: Structure, Rheology, and Ionic Conductivity before and after Photo-Cross-Linking
The self-assembly of an end-functionalized PEO106–PPO70–PEO106 triblock copolymer (BCP) with acrylic end groups (Pluronic F127 diacrylate or FDA) in a protic ionic liquid (deuterated ethylammoniumExpand
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Predicting the disorder–order transition of dielectrophoretic colloidal assembly with dielectric spectroscopy
The dielectrophoretic assembly of colloidal suspensions into crystalline arrays is described by a master scaling that collapses the disorder–order transition as a function of field strength,Expand
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Simple Optical Imaging of Nanoscale Features in Free-Standing Films
Measuring thicknesses in thin films with high spatial and temporal resolution is of prime importance for understanding the structure and dynamics in thin films and membranes. In the present work, weExpand
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