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Bubbles of Trust: A decentralized blockchain-based authentication system for IoT
In this paper, we propose an original decentralized system called bubbles of trust, which ensures a robust identification and authentication of devices. Expand
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BCTrust: A decentralized authentication blockchain-based mechanism
In this paper we propose a robust, transparent, flexible and energy efficient blockchain-based authentication mechanism called BCTrust, which is designed especially for devices with computational, storage and energy consumption constraints. Expand
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1,3-Bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (BCNU)-induced pulmonary fibrosis.
Clinical data are presented on 14 patients undergoing BCNU therapy for a primary intracranial glioma (11 biopsied, 3 suspected) in whom pulmonary fibrosis developed as a consequence of the therapy.Expand
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Robust overlay network with Self-Adaptive topology: Protocol description
We introduce a new overlay network named ROSA1. Overlay networks offer a way to bypass the routing constraints of the underlying network. ROSA used this overlay network property to offer a resilientExpand
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A New Proposal for QKD Relaying Models
  • C. Quoc, P. Bellot
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of 17th International Conference on…
  • 17 November 2008
We investigate a quasi-trusted QKD relaying model. This is a three-party communication model. Two nodes Alice and Bob want to establish a secret key. However, the distance between them exceeds theExpand
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Streams are not Dreams
  • P. Bellot, B. Robinet
  • Computer Science, Environmental Science
  • Combinators and Functional Programming Languages
  • 6 May 1985
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Prolegomena of a Logic of Causality and Dynamism
We present in this article a new logical system inspired from linear logic. Expand
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Osteoblastoma of the ethmoid sinus: the fourth reported case.
• Osteoblastoma is a rare tumor that occurs most frequently in the spine and long bones. We report the fourth known case involving the ethmoid sinuses. The unusual radiographic, computerizedExpand
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Lymphoepithelioid cellular lymphoma (Lennert's lymphoma) in association with malignant lymphoma, histiocytic type.
The present case is unusual in that it demonstrates the presence of the histologic pattern of Lennert's lymphoma in a patient who had a 14-year history of recurrent reticulum cell sarcomaExpand
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Multiple pulmonary lesions in a patient treated with BCNU (1,3‐BIS(2‐chloroethyl)‐1‐nitrosourea) for glioblastoma multiforme
A patient with a glioblastoma multiforme who was treated with BCNU, developed rapidly progressive pulmonary disease. The pulmonary changes were studied pathologically and included atypical alveolarExpand
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