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Calibration of the ruby pressure gauge to 800 kbar under quasi‐hydrostatic conditions
An improved calibration curve of the pressure shift of the ruby R1 emission line was obtained under quasi-hydrostatic conditions in the diamond-window, high-pressure cell to 800 kbar. Argon was theExpand
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An interlaboratory comparison of piston-cylinder pressure calibration using the albite-breakdown reaction
The pressure of the reaction albite=jadeite and quartz was measured at 600° C by workers in six geophysical laboratories for the purpose of comparing pressure calibration procedures for theExpand
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Static compression of iron to 78 GPa with rare gas solids as pressure-transmitting media
New data are presented for the room temperature, static compression of iron to 78 GPa with solid neon and argon as pressure-transmitting media. X ray diffraction studies have been performed on aExpand
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Melting relations in the Fe-rich portion of the system FezFeS at 30 kb pressure
Abstract The melting relations of FezFeS mixtures covering the composition range from Fe to Fe 67 S 33 have been determined at 30 kb pressure. The phase relations are similar to those at lowExpand
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Effects of compositional variation on absorption spectra of lunar pyroxenes
Polarized absorption spectra of lunar pyroxenes with a range of iron, calcium, magnesium, titanium and chromium contents were measured on polished, oriented single crystals; spectral data on pureExpand
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Structure and compression of crystalline argon and neon at high pressure and room temperature
Argon and neon crystallize in the face‐centered cubic structure (Fm3m, z = 4) at 11.5±0.5 and 47.4±0.5 kbar, respectively, at 293 K. Single‐crystal cell dimensions were obtained at 82 kbar for argonExpand
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The Equation of State of Dense Argon; A Comparison of Shock and Static Studies
New static high pressure measurements for room temperature solid argon to 800 kbar are in excellent agreement with one predicted from a theoretical reduction of shock wave data. The resultsExpand
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Structure and crystal chemistry of perovskite-type MgSiO3
Synthetic clinoenstatite (MgSiO3) has been converted to a single phase with the perovskite structure in complete reactions at approx. 300 kbar in experiments that utilize the laser-heatedExpand
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Automatic Transcription of Multi-genre Media Archives
This paper describes some recent results of our collaborative work on developing a speech recognition system for the automatic transcription or media archives from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Expand
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Equations of state of MgO and ε Fe under static pressure conditions
The volume equations of state for MgO and e Fe determined under calibrated static pressure conditions to 1 Mbar are given by V/V0 = [1 + 2.85(3)P (Mbar)]−0.219(3) (for MgO) where V0 = 11.25(2)Expand
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