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Resistance of Janus kinase-2 dependent leptin signaling in natural killer (NK) cells: a novel mechanism of NK cell dysfunction in diet-induced obesity.
Leptin acts not only as an anorexigenic hormone but also regulates cell-mediated immunity via leptin receptors (Ob-R) expressed on T and B lymphocytes. However, the impact of leptin on natural killerExpand
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A validation study on the intraobserver and interobserver reproducibility of renal artery duplex ultrasound.
Aim of the present study was to evaluate intraobserver and interobserver reproducibility of direct renal artery Doppler velocimetry. Healthy volunteers were evaluated by one examiner on threeExpand
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Renal artery stenting following acute aortic dissection: implantation and follow-up.
Two patients with renal artery involvement in type B dissection of the aorta were treated by percutaneous stent implantation. Both of them were hypertensive and showed increasing serum creatinineExpand
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Diet-induced obesity, exogenous leptin-, and MADB106 tumor cell challenge affect tissue leukocyte distribution and serum levels of cytokines in F344 rats
The adipocyte-derived catabolic protein leptin alters cell-mediated immunity and cytokine crosstalk. This may provide new insights into the altered immune response, seen in obese individuals.Expand
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[Vascular surgery operations in tumor diseases].
In a retrospective analysis covering 10 years, we examined 53 patients with malignant tumors, who had undergone 74 vascular reconstructive operations. The rate of all complications was 40%.Expand
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Diagnostik und Therapie von Erkrankungen der Lymphgefäße
Zum ThemaDas chronische Lymphödem ist eine progressive, gewöhnlich schmerzlose Schwellung der Extremität, verursacht durch eine verminderte Transportkapazität des lymphatischen Systems. Es kann durchExpand
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Verletzung großer Sehnen
ZusammenfassungFundierte Kenntnisse zur Behandlung großer Sehnenverletzungen (M.-biceps-brachialis-Sehne, Quadrizeps- und Patellasehne, Achillessehne, M.-tibialis-anterior-Sehne) sind wesentlicherExpand