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Casting Judith The Construction of Role Patterns in the Book of Judith
“Who can despise these people, who have women like this among them?” (Jdt 10 :19). This is the question the soldiers in the Assyrian army pose when they meet Judith. They are so overwhelmed by herExpand
Tradition and transformation in the book of Chronicles
Since the Book of Chronicles is increasingly studied on its own, and not as a copy of 1-2 Samuel and 1-2, this study treats the various aspects and themes of this rich document. It provides anExpand
The Book of Ben Sira in hebrew. A Text Edition of All Extant Hebrew Manuscripts and A Synopsis of All Parallel Hebrew Ben Sira Texts (Vetus Testamentum Supplements 68)
This edition of all extant Ben Sira manuscripts not only presents these texts in facsimile-printing, but has also a separate synopsis that puts together all Hebrew Ben Sira passages which are foundExpand
Chapter Three. David’s census and Ornan’s threshing-floor a close reading of 1 chronicles21
Reading the Book of Chronicles, one is almost spontaneously inclined to take into account the parallel narratives as handed down in 2 Samuel or 1-2 Kings. In actual practice, it appears ratherExpand