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Contact dermatitis to rhodium
preservatives senes, and the eye drops revealed a strong positive reactiOn to Visum1dnatic fenilefnna® eye drops, wh1ch had been used at the time of the first ophthalmic exammatwn. These eye dropsExpand
Expression of T-lineage early developmental markers by cells establishing atopic dermatitis skin infiltrates.
The reported features indicate that the atopic dermatitis skin-homing lymphocytes express immunophenotypes which are distinctive of the early T-ontogeny. Expand
[Apropos of a case of heat contact urticaria].
Contact dermatitis caused by cobalt naphthenate
2 cases of allergic dermatitis due to cobalt naphthenate in workers in contact with rubber are presented and their function is to modify the rate of cross-linking of copper in brass-coated steel wire with rubber during the curing process. Expand
[Nickel: a ubiquitous hapten].
Dermatitis in a rubber tyre factory
Patch tests revealed a high sensitization rate to the MBT derivative used: 2‐(2′‐4′dinitrophenylthio) benzothiazole, which was traced as the substance responsible. Expand