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Respiratory gas exchange at rest and during exercise in normal and asthmatic children.
Two studies concern possible adaptations of asthmatic children to the stress of exercise and found that exercise caused an increase in compliance and in airway resistance and a significant decrease after an eightto twelveminute period of running. Expand
Early versus late introduction of continuous negative pressure in the management of the idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome.
This study suggests that the course of RDS may be modified by the early application of CNP, and the FIO2 requirements were significantly less for the ECNP infants when compared to the LCNP ones. Expand
Is anti-Pseudomonas therapy warranted in acute respiratory exacerbations in children with cystic fibrosis?
The results suggest that the use of anti-Pseudomonas medication in these children may not always be necessary, and observations need to be confirmed by blind-controlled studies in larger numbers of patients with mild as well as severe respiratory involvement. Expand
Long-term pulmonary sequelae of premature birth with and without idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome.
The elevated Viso V in the RDS group suggests an increase in small airway resistance secondary to the disease or to its therapy, and the volumes of iso-flow were higher in the survivors of RDS than those of the children born at term. Expand
Energy Needs and Growth in Children with Cystic Fibrosis
It is shown that absorbed energy intake is the principal factor limiting the growth of CF children in the age group studied, and it is possible to promote normal growth in CF children with dietary counselling and high energy supplements. Expand
Trapped gas and airflow limitation in children with cystic fibrosis and asthma
In CF, TG and ME correlated, thus allowing for an assessment of the validity of FRC(He) in determining hyperinflation, and in asthma, the presence or absence of TG could not be anticipated from tests of ME or AL, and hence thevalidation of F RC(He). Expand
Sources of error in flow-volume curves. Effect of expired volume measured at the mouth vs that measured in a body plethysmograph.
The findings suggest that expiratory flows in the FVCm are not effort-independent in the face of significant airflow obstruction and that comparisons of values derived from an FVCp with those from anFVCm may not be valid. Expand
The effect of digoxin on exercise capacity and exercising cardiac function in cystic fibrosis.
It is concluded that digoxin did not increase exercise capacity or improve exercising cardiac function in patients with moderate to severe airway obstruction due to CF. Expand
Ventilation, respiratory center output, and contribution of the rib cage and abdominal components to ventilation during CO2 rebreathing in children with cystic fibrosis.
It was shown that tests involving a mechanical response to CO2 correlated with the degree of airway obstruction, but there was no evidence that the neuromuscular drive was abnormal. Expand
Primary lung abscess in childhood: the long-term outcome of conservative management.
Fourteen cases of primary lung abscess in childhood were treated with antibiotics alone. The only organism discovered was Staphylococcus aureus. All the children recovered. RoentgenographicExpand