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Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of Second Order
We study in this chapter a class of partial differential equations that generalize and are to a large extent represented by Laplace’s equation. These are the elliptic partial differential equationsExpand
Abstract Evolution Equations
In this chapter we reconsider partial differential equations in which there is a distinguished variable t, usually time in physical problems. We might think of such equations as ordinary differentialExpand
Unsteady Viscous Flows about Bodies: Vorticity Release and Forces
The force (drag and lift) exerted on a body moving in a viscous fluid is expressed via the ‘free’ and ‘bound’ vorticity moments, and the role of vortex shedding is discussed. The formulationExpand
Theory and applications of partial differential equations
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations. Wave Equation. Heat Equation. Laplace Equation. Elliptic Partial Differential Equations of Second Order. Abstract Evolution Equations. HyperbolicExpand
Edge Singularities and Kutta Condition in 3D Aerodynamics
This review paper presents a unified formulation of the Kutta condition for steady and unsteady flows, implemented by removing all unbounded velocity singularities (of power‐law and logarithmic type)Expand
On the trailing edge singularity and Kutta condition for 3D airfoils
The steady incompressible inviscid flow past a 3D airfoil with a sharp trailing edge TE is not uniquely determined unless the vorticity released into the wake at TE is prescribed. In the physicalExpand
Influence of the accommodation coefficient on the heat transfer in a rarefied gas
Abstract Linearized heat transfer between parallel plates and concentric cylinders is considered for inverse Knudsen numbers ranging from 0 to 10, and arbitrary accommodation coefficients. TheExpand
A boundary integrodifferential equation arising from the linearized theory of water waves
The prototype problem of the linearized irrotational gravity-capillarity water waves due to a Havelock doublet in a uniform planar stream is solved via a layer ansatz and a boundary integralExpand
Flow of a Rarefied Gas past an Axisymmetric Body. II. Case of a Sphere
The drag exerted by the flow on a sphere is explicitly calculated by using the relation between the drag and a certain functional. A comparison of the results with the experimental data of MillikanExpand
Free streamline-boundary layer analysis for separated flow over an airfoil
We propose a model which combines boundary layer computations with a free streamline potential flow for obtaining pressure distributions on an airfoil section in steady flow near stall conditions.Expand