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Precise Neutron Magnetic Form Factors
Precise data on the neutron magnetic form factor Gmn have been obtained with measurements of the ratio of cross sections of D(e, en) and D(e, ep) up to momentum transfers of Q 2 = 0.9 (GeV/c) 2 .
Sentinel-5/UVNS instrument is an Earth atmospheric monitoring spectrometer developed within the Copernicus program. The mission objective is to monitor the chemical composition of the Earth’s
The focal plane proton-polarimeter for the 3-spectrometer setup at MAMI
Abstract For ( e → , e ′ p → ) experiments the 3-spectrometer setup of the A1 collaboration at MAMI has been supplemented by a focal plane proton-polarimeter. To this end, a carbon analyzer of
Neutral pion threshold production at Q(2) = 0.05 GeV(2)/c(2) and chiral perturbation theory.
New data are presented on the p(e,e'p)pi(0) reaction at threshold at a four-momentum transfer of Q(2) = 0.05 GeV(2)/c(2). The data were taken with the three-spectrometer setup of the A1 Collaboration
Measurement of the electric form factor of the neutron at Q2 = 0.3-0.8 (GeV/ c) 2⋆
Abstract.The electric form factor of the neutron, GE,n, has been measured at the Mainz Microtron by recoil polarimetry in the quasielastic D(¯e, e’¯n)p reaction. Three data points have been extracted
Measurement of GEp/GMp via polarization transfer at Q2 = 0.4 GeV /c2
Abstract.The polarization transfer from longitudinally polarized electrons to protons in the elastic scattering p(e, e'p) has been measured around Q2 = 0.4 (GeV/c)2 with the three-spectrometer
Polarization transfer in the $^{4}$He$(\vec{e},e' \vec{p}^{3}$H reaction
Polarization transfer in the 4He(e,e'p)3H reaction at a Q^2 of 0.4 (GeV/c)^2 was measured at the Mainz Microtron MAMI. The ratio of the transverse to the longitudinal polarization components of the
Anamorphotic telescope for earth observation in the mid-infrared range
In the framework of the “Earth Explorer” program, the European Space Agency had foreseen the PREMIER mission intended to monitor the three-dimensional distribution of trace gasses in the atmosphere.
Measurement of the beam-helicity asymmetry in the p((-->)e,e'p)pi(0) reaction at the energy of the Delta(1232) resonance.
The beam-helicity asymmetry has been precisely measured around the energy of the Delta(1232) resonance and Q(2) = 0.2(GeV/c)(2) and this is interpreted as a lack of understanding of the nonresonant background, which in dynamical models is related to the pion cloud.