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Closing In on the Resting State of the Shaker K+ Channel
Membrane depolarization causes voltage-gated ion channels to transition from a resting/closed conformation to an activated/open conformation. We used voltage-clamp fluorometry to measure proteinExpand
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Ferredoxin reduction by photosystem I from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803: toward an understanding of the respective roles of subunits PsaD and PsaE in ferredoxin binding.
The process of ferredoxin reduction by photosystem I has been extensively investigated by flash-absorption spectroscopy in psaD and psaE deleted mutants from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. In bothExpand
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Essential Role of a Single Arginine of Photosystem I in Stabilizing the Electron Transfer Complex with Ferredoxin*
PsaE is one of the photosystem I subunits involved in ferredoxin binding. The central role of arginine 39 of this 8-kDa peripheral polypeptide has been established by a series of mutations. TheExpand
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Solution NMR structure and backbone dynamics of the PsaE subunit of photosystem I from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
PsaE is a small peripheral subunit of photosystem I (PSI) that is very accessible to the surrounding medium. It plays an essential role in optimizing the interactions with the soluble electronExpand
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Equatorial retrograde flow in WASP-43b elicited by deep wind jets?
We present WASP-43b climate simulations with deep wind jets (down to 700~bar) that are linked to retrograde (westward) flow at the equatorial day side for $p 10$~bar: convergence time scaleExpand
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NMR studies on water and polymer diffusion in dextran gels. Influence of potassium ions on microstructure formation and gelation mechanism
At room temperature aqueous solutions of dextrans with concentrations >25% (w/w) exhibit a sol‐gel transition in the presence of >1.0 M potassium chloride. In dextrans the gelation was unexpected dueExpand
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Model of the catalytic mechanism of human aldose reductase based on quantum chemical calculations
L'aldose reductase est un enzyme implique dans des complications diabetiques. Il fait l'objet d'etudes approfondies dans le but de developper des inhibiteurs. La structure d'un complexeExpand
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Crystallization and preliminary X-ray study of pig lens aldose reductase.
Crystals of pig lens aldose reductase have been grown from polyethylene glycol solutions at pH 6.2 and analysed by X-ray diffraction. Two crystal forms were obtained. The first belongs to space groupExpand
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The influence of His94 and Pro149 in modulating the activity of V. cholerae DsbA.
DsbA is the primary catalyst of disulfide bond formation in the periplasm of gram-negative bacteria. Numerous theoretical and experimental studies have been undertaken to determine the molecularExpand
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Aldose reductase from pig lens
Aldose Reductase (AR) is a NADPH-dependent enzyme implicated in long term diabetic complications. The protein exhibits the frequently observed (β/α) 8 TIM barrel fold, a novel NADPH binding domain.Expand
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