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Understanding Variations in Local Conflict: Evidence and Implications from Indonesia
Summary Recent studies of large-scale "headline" conflicts have excluded consideration of local conflict, in large part due to the absence of representative data at low levels of geographicExpand
CDD in post-conflict and conflict-affected areas : experiences from East Asia
Community Driven Development (CDD) projects are now a major component of World Bank assistance to many developing countries. While varying greatly in size and form, such projects aim to ensure thatExpand
Local Conflict in Indonesia: Measuring Incidence and Identifying Patterns
The widespread presence of local conflict characterizes many developing countries such as Indonesia. Outbreaks of violent conflict not only have direct costs for lives, livelihoods, and materialExpand
Counting conflicts - using newspaper reports to understand violence in Indonesia
In this paper, the authors outline an attempt to use local newspaper monitoring to measure the levels, and impacts of violent conflict from 2001-2003 in two Indonesian provinces (East Java and NTT),Expand
Local Conflict in Post-Suharto Indonesia: Understanding Variations in Violence Levels and Forms Through Local Newspapers
Responding to conflict, in Indonesia and elsewhere, requires an understanding of its distribution, forms, and impacts. In this article, we outline an attempt to use local newspaper monitoring toExpand
Conflict and recovery in Aceh: an assessment of conflict dynamics and options for supporting the peace process
On August 15th the Government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at ending almost 30 years of armed conflict in Aceh. This note summarizes theExpand
Contesting Development: Participatory Projects and Local Conflict Dynamics in Indonesia
This pathbreaking book analyzes a highly successful participatory development program in Indonesia, exploring its distinctive origins and design principles and its impacts on local conflict dynamicsExpand
Village corruption in Indonesia: fighting corruption in the World Bank's Kecamatan Development Program
What works to limit corruption in a large rural development project in a country with endemic corruption, a weak legal system, and a history of top-down political control by a powerful stateExpand