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Conceptualising patient empowerment: a mixed methods study
A novel conceptual map of patient empowered grounded in published definitions of patient empowerment and qualitative interviews with UK stakeholders is described, that may be useful to healthcare providers and researchers designing, implementing and evaluating interventions to promote patient empowerment. Expand
Developing CollaboRATE: a fast and frugal patient-reported measure of shared decision making in clinical encounters.
The key finding of this study is that developing a brief patient-reported measure of shared decision making requires a move away from terms such as 'decisions', 'options' and 'preferences', which act as barriers to research and implementation. Expand
This paper presents an evaluation of flexural live-load distribution factors for a series of three-span prestressed concrete girder bridges. The response of one bridge, measured during a staticExpand
A three-talk model for shared decision making: multistage consultation process
The revised three-talk model of shared decision making depicts conversational steps, initiated by providing support when introducing options, followed by strategies to compare and discuss trade-offs, before deliberation based on informed preferences. Expand
The Psychometric Properties of CollaboRATE: A Fast and Frugal Patient-Reported Measure of the Shared Decision-Making Process
The psychometric properties of CollaboRATE, a 3-item measure of Shared Decision Decision Making Questionnaire-like measure of SDM, were assessed and it was found that the fast and frugal nature of CollabiRATE lends itself to routine clinical use. Expand
Collaborative deliberation: a model for patient care.
The goal of this work was to develop, as a forerunner to a middle range theory, a conceptual model that considers the process of supporting patients to consider alternative health care options, in collaboration with clinicians, and others. Expand
Assessment of Patient Empowerment - A Systematic Review of Measures
An overview of studies assessing psychometric properties of questionnaires purporting to capture patient empowerment is provided, to provide a basis from which to develop consensus on a core set of patient empowerment constructs and for further work to develop a appropriately validated measure to capture this. Expand
The psychometric properties of Observer OPTION(5), an observer measure of shared decision making.
OptION(5) is a brief, theoretically grounded observer measure of SDM with promising psychometric properties in this sample and low burden on raters, and has potential to provide reliable, valid assessment ofSDM in clinical encounters. Expand
Undetermined impact of patient decision support interventions on healthcare costs and savings: systematic review
There is insufficient evidence, as yet, to be confident that the implementation of patient decision support interventions leads to system-wide savings, and further work is required to avoid premature or unrealistic expectations that could jeopardize implementation and lead to the loss of already proved benefits. Expand
Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring of the San Ysidro Bridge
As part of the Lifecycle Innovative Financing Evaluation initiative, the San Ysidro Bridge along U.S. Route 550 will be monitored throughout a 10 year warranty period to determine changes inExpand