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Harnack inequalities for double phase functionals
We prove a Harnack inequality for minimisers of a class of non-autonomous functionals with non-standard growth conditions. They are characterised by the fact that their energy density switchesExpand
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Regularity for general functionals with double phase
We prove sharp regularity results for a general class of functionals of the type $$\begin{aligned} w \mapsto \int F(x, w, Dw) \, dx, \end{aligned}$$w↦∫F(x,w,Dw)dx,featuring non-standard growthExpand
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Lorentz estimates for degenerate and singular evolutionary systems
We prove estimates of Calderon–Zygmund type for evolutionary p-Laplacian systems in the setting of Lorentz spaces. We suppose the coefficients of the system to satisfy only a VMO condition withExpand
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Lorentz estimates for obstacle parabolic problems
We prove that the spatial gradient of (variational) solutions to parabolic obstacle problems of p-Laplacian type enjoys the same regularity of the data and of the derivatives of the obstacle in theExpand
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Non-autonomous functionals, borderline cases and related function classes
We consider a class of non-autonomous functionals characterised by the fact that the energy density changes its ellipticity and growth properties according to the point, and prove some regularityExpand
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A Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Solute Kinetics, Osmolarity and Fluid Volume Changes during Hemodiafiltration with On-Line Regeneration of Ultrafiltrate (HFR)
Hemodiafiltration with on-line regeneration of ultrafiltrate (HFR) is a technique indicated for the treatment of dialysis patients affected by inflammatory syndrome and malnutrition. In the presentExpand
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Riesz potential estimates for a general class of quasilinear equations
We consider solutions to nonlinear elliptic equations with measure data and general growth and ellipticity conditions of degenerate type, as considered in Lieberman (Commun Partial Differ EquExpand
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Tissue location of resistance in apple to the rosy apple aphid established by electrical penetration graphs
A study of the constitutive resistance of the apple cultivar Florina, Malus domestica Borkh. (Rosaceae), to the rosy apple aphid, Dysaphis plantaginea (Passerini) (Homoptera Aphididae), was performedExpand
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Calderón–Zygmund estimates for parabolic p(x,t)-Laplacian systems
We prove local Calderon–Zygmund estimates for weak solutions of the evolutionary p(x,t)-Laplacian system ∂tu−div (a(x,t)|Du|p(x,t)−2Du)=div (|F|p(x,t)−2F) under the classical hypothesis ofExpand
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Marcinkiewicz estimates for degenerate parabolic equations with measure data
We consider solutions to degenerate parabolic equations with measurable coefficients, having on the right-hand side a measure satisfying a suitable density condition; we prove integrability resultsExpand
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