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Generating representative Web workloads for network and server performance evaluation
One role for workload generation is as a means for understanding how servers and networks respond to variation in load. This enables management and capacity planning based on current and projectedExpand
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Power Awareness in Network Design and Routing
Exponential bandwidth scaling has been a fundamental driver of the growth and popularity of the Internet. However, increases in bandwidth have been accompanied by increases in power consumption, andExpand
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A signal analysis of network traffic anomalies
Identifying anomalies rapidly and accurately is critical to the efficient operation of large computer networks. Accurately characterizing important classes of anomalies greatly facilitates theirExpand
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An Inside Look at Botnets
The continued growth and diversification of the Internet has been accompanied by an increasing prevalence of attacks and intrusions [40]. It can be argued, however, that a significant change inExpand
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Characteristics of internet background radiation
Monitoring any portion of the Internet address space reveals incessant activity. This holds even when monitoring traffic sent to unused addresses, which we term "background radiation. " BackgroundExpand
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Global Intrusion Detection in the DOMINO Overlay System
Sharing data between widely distributed intrusion detection systems offers the possibility of significant improvements in speed and accuracy over isolated systems. In this paper, we describe andExpand
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Changes in Web client access patterns: Characteristics and caching implications
Understanding the nature of the workloads and system demands created by users of the World Wide Web is crucial to properly designing and provisioning Web services. Previous measurements of Web clientExpand
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On the Design and Use of Internet Sinks for Network Abuse Monitoring
Monitoring unused or dark IP addresses offers opportunities to significantly improve and expand knowledge of abuse activity without many of the problems associated with typical network intrusionExpand
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Internet intrusions: global characteristics and prevalence
Network intrusions have been a fact of life in the Internet for many years. However, as is the case with many other types of Internet-wide phenomena, gaining insight into the global characteristicsExpand
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A Machine Learning Approach to TCP Throughput Prediction
TCP throughput prediction is an important capability for networks where multiple paths exist between data senders and receivers. In this paper, we describe a new lightweight method for TCP throughputExpand
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