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An arsenic(III)‐oxidizing bacterial population: selection, characterization, and performance in reactors
Aims: To select an autotrophic arsenic(III)‐oxidizing population, named CASO1, and to evaluate the performance of the selected bacteria in reactors. 
Methods and Results: An As(III)‐containing mediumExpand
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Adsorption of arsenic (V) on kaolinite and on kaolinite-humic acid complexes. Role of humic acid nitrogen groups.
In order to investigate the influence of organic matter on arsenic retention, we used batch experiments at pH 7 to determine the adsorption of As(V) on three different solids: a crude, purified,Expand
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The Influence of pH, Electrolyte Type, and Surface Coating on Arsenic(V) Adsorption onto Kaolinites
The adsorption of arsenate (As[v]) has been investigated through batch experiments using two solid phases a purified kaolinite and a kaolinite coated with humic add (HA). The influence of variousExpand
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Arsenic behaviour in gold-ore mill tailings, Massif Central, France: hydrogeochemical study and investigation of in situ redox signatures
Abstract Historical Au-ore exploitation at the Cheni mine in the Massif Central, France, generated 525,000 tonnes of finely ground mill tailings deposited in a heap that has spread with time intoExpand
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Decoupling of arsenic and iron release from ferrihydrite suspension under reducing conditions: a biogeochemical model
High levels of arsenic in groundwater and drinking water are a major health problem. Although the processes controlling the release of As are still not well known, the reductive dissolution ofExpand
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Arsenic oxidation capabilities of a chemoautotrophic bacterial population: Use for the treatment of an arsenic contaminated wastewater
An autotrophic bacterial population, named CAsO1, able to oxidise arsenic has been isolated from a former gold mine (Saint-Yrieix, France). This bacterial population was composed of twoExpand
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Arsenic trapping by iron oxyhydroxides and carbonates at hydrothermal spring outlets
Abstract Active precipitation of Fe oxyhydroxides and carbonates is associated with the oxygenation and CO2 degassing of hydrothermal spring waters in the Cezallier area of the French Massif Central.Expand
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A nonlinear parametric model for phenanthrene sorption.
Two models for phenanthrene sorption prediction are discussed and checked against experimental data. The first model, based on a two-site Langmuir expression, displays too large uncertainties. TheExpand
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Fluorescence spectroscopy of naphthalene at high temperatures and pressures: implications for fuel-concentration measurements
Fluorescence of the S1→S0 transition of naphthalene vapour after laser excitation at 266 nm was studied in a heated cell. Experiments were carried out for temperature in the range 350–900 K, atExpand
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Influence de composés organiques sur l'adsorption de l'arsenic par les kaolinites
In this study, the influence of organic matter on As(V) adsorption onto clay minerals was evaluated through batch experiments using three solid phases: crude kaolinite, humic acid (HA)-coatedExpand
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