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Metazoan Scc4 Homologs Link Sister Chromatid Cohesion to Cell and Axon Migration Guidance
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Scc2 binds Scc4 to form an essential complex that loads cohesin onto chromosomes. The prevalence of Scc2 orthologs in eukaryotes emphasizes a conserved role in regulatingExpand
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A pragmatic approach to the management of condylar fractures.
  • P. Banks
  • Medicine
  • International journal of oral and maxillofacial…
  • 1 August 1998
A pragmatic approach to the management of condylar fractures: pragmatic in this sense means dealing with a problem by practical methods adapted to the circumstances rather than methods based onExpand
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Stability of the Le Fort I osteotomy in patients with cleft lip and palate.
Relapse of the maxilla was studied retrospectively in a group of 61 patients with previously repaired cleft lip and palate who had undergone Le Fort I osteotomy. The extent of surgical move andExpand
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A retrospective study of the stability of midface osteotomies in cleft lip and palate patients.
Relapse following midface osteotomies in cleft lip and palate patients was investigated in a retrospective study. The amount of surgical movement and subsequent relapse was measured using a computerExpand
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The contribution of non-essential Schizosaccharomyces pombe genes to fitness in response to altered nutrient supply and target of rapamycin activity
Nutrient fluctuations in the cellular environment promote changes in cell metabolism and growth to adapt cell proliferation accordingly. The target of rapamycin (TOR) signalling network plays a keyExpand
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Multiple zeta values in deformation quantization
Kontsevich's 1997 formula for the deformation quantization of Poisson brackets is a Feynman expansion involving volume integrals over moduli spaces of marked disks. We develop a systematic theory ofExpand
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The use of computer-generated three-dimensional models in orbital reconstruction.
In this paper we describe the application of three-dimensional (3D) imaging and computer-generated models in the management of orbital deformity. The technique was found to be particularly useful inExpand
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Homogeneous Cell-Based Fluorescence Polarization Assay for the Direct Detection of cAMP
A fluorescence polarization-based functional assay for cyclic AMP (cAMP) production in cells has been proven effective for the detection of agonist-stimulated cAMP production in a HEK 293 recombinantExpand
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Killey's Fractures of the Mandible
Surgical anatomy clinical examination radiology preliminary treatment fractures of the tooth-bearing section of the mandible fractures of the edentulous mandible fractures of the condylar regionExpand
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Determination of Equilibrium Dissociation Constants in Fluorescence Polarization
A simple mathematical model (the FP Kd model) is used to generate the dissociation equilibrium constant (Kd) for G protein-coupled receptor-ligand binding measured using fluorescence polarizationExpand
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