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Microbial fouling community analysis of the cooling water system of a nuclear test reactor with emphasis on sulphate reducing bacteria
Culture and molecular-based techniques were used to characterize bacterial diversity in the cooling water system of a fast breeder test reactor (FBTR). Techniques were selected for special emphasisExpand
Challenges and opportunities for increasing rice production in sub saharan Africa.
Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) faces multiple problems. The main one is improving the lives of the 30% of its population that suffers from extreme poverty and food insecurity. Because of strong demand,Expand
Microbial Fouling in a Water Treatment Plant and Its Control Using Biocides.
 Water treatment plants (WTP) are vital in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries. This investigation describes the dense microbial fouling by microbes and organic compounds in aExpand
Study on Strength of Peat Soil Stabilised with Cement and Other Pozzolanic Materials
Peaty soils are not suitable as foundation soils as they are weak and highly compressible. The stabilization is achieved by mixing soil with binding materials such as lime and cement. The additivesExpand
Dense fouling in acid transfer pipelines by an acidophilic rubber degrading fungus
An unique case of dense fouling by an acidophilic, hard rubber (polymerized rubber) degrading fungus in the acid transfer pipelines of a boron enrichment plant located at Kalpakkam, India isExpand
Fractures of the Distal Femur managed with Less Invasive Skeletal Stabilization System [LISS] using Locking Compression Plate [LCP]: A Study of 20 cases
INTRODUCTION: Increased incidence of Road Traffic Accidents, natural disasters, industrial accidents claim most of human mortality and morbidity. Hence, it forms the major epidemic of Modern Era.Expand
Study of Ground Water Pollution around an Industry using GIS
Water is a basic element of social and economic infrastructure and is essential for healthy society and sustainable development. Due to rapid increase in density of population, fast urbanization,Expand
Corrosion management of carbon steel material: operational modes influence corrosion rate – an in vitro study
This work describes the corrosion management of carbon steel structures of a firewater distribution system under laboratory conditions. The influence of operational modes i.e. regular replacement andExpand
Adsorption Of Phenol From Aqueous Solution By Allium Sativum Linn Peel
The adsorption studies of phenol from aqueous solution on allium sativum peel have been studied in the range of 50-250 mg/L initial phenol concentration .The study was carried out as function ofExpand