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Two Faces of Power
The concept of power remains elusive despite the recent and prolific outpourings of case studies on community power. Its elusiveness is dramatically demonstrated by the regularity of disagreement asExpand
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Power and Poverty: Theory and Practice
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Decisions and Nondecisions: An Analytical Framework
In recent years a rich outpouring of case studies on community decision-making has been combined with a noticeable lack of generalizations based on them. One reason for this is a commonplace: we haveExpand
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The Theory of Democratic Elitism: A Critique
A reprint of the 1967 Little, Brown book, Professor Bachrach considers the age-old question of the role of elites in a democracy. He argues that the present influence of elites in the U.S. can beExpand
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Late-Life Emergence of Early-Life Trauma
This study aimed to provide preliminary evidence for, and explore potential antecedents and correlates of, a phenomenon observed in aging combat veterans termed late-onset stress symptomatologyExpand
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Power and Empowerment: A Radical Theory of Participatory Democracy
Preface 1. Introduction 2. A Critical Analysis and Reconstruction of Participatory Theory 3. The Structural Mobilization of Bias 4. Workplace Democracy in Europe 5. Workplace Democracy in America 6.Expand
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Power and Its Two Faces Revisited: A Reply to Geoffrey Debnam
In a pair of articles published a dozen years ago and more extensively in a book-length essay that appeared in 1970, we expanded the then-existing analytical model for studying the political processExpand
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power and Poverty
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The theory of democratic elitism
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Political Elites In A Democracy
One of the potentially explosive issues of the modern era is a vast and growing disparity between the overwhelming predominance of elites in the decision-making process and the democratic ideal thatExpand
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