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Landscape as a tourism resource for rural areas: South and Southeast-Asian perspectives
This issue of Via@ aims to explore the following question: What part do rural landscapes play in tourism development in South (India, Nepal) and Southeast Asia (Laos, Vietnam and China)? ThisExpand
What place for pastoral activities in the economic transformation of Vicdessos (Ariège Pyrenees)
Once a major part of life in the mountain landscapes of Vicdessos (Ariege, southwestern France), pastoral activities were marginalized when industries brought full employment to the area. TheExpand
Outdoor Theatrical Shows in the Remarkable Landscapes of the Chinese Mountains, Between Reinvention of a Tradition and Development of Tourism: the Example of the ‘Tianmen Fox Fairy Show’ at
Using a case study (Zhangjiajie), this article discusses the status accorded to outdoor theatrical shows in the remarkable mountainous landscapes of China. This type of performance has become veryExpand
Tourist brownfields in French Polynesia - Revealing a destination crisis and a form of resistance to international tourism
The tourist wastelands mark in a decisive, recurrent and permanent way the landscape of the tourist islands of the French Polynesia. Our study makes their exhaustive inventory and a classificationExpand
Development of mountain domestic tourism close to the major urban areas of Nepal: South side of the Annapurna Massif and Helambu. Peer-reviewed article
The tourist system which started to grow up around trekking in the Himalayan region of Nepal in the 1970s and 1980s is now changing due to growing demand, and a greater diversity of customers andExpand
David Newsome & Ross K. Dowling (dir.), Geotourism: The tourism of Geology and Landscape. Goodfellow Publishers, 2010, 320 pages
Cet ouvrage collectif, dirige par deux professeurs australiens (des universites Murdoch et Edith-Cowan, de Perth) se presente comme une somme de seize contributions originales sur la question duExpand
Journal of Alpine Research | Revue de géographie alpine, 97-3 | 2009
Winter sports occupy a prominent place in European tourism, not only because of their economic importance in mountainous areas but also due to their major symbolic significance in the "leisureExpand