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The expansion of a plasma into a vacuum
This paper reports calculations of the collision-free expansion of a semi-infinite plasma. It is shown that the ion front is accelerated to velocities comparable with the thermal velocity of theExpand
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The Visco‐Elastic Properties of Solutions of Rod‐Like Macromolecules
The general theory of irreversible processes in solutions of macromolecules is employed to investigate the visco‐elastic behavior of solutions of rod‐like macromolecules. It is found that rotatoryExpand
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Collective Oscillations in a Cold Plasma
The collective motions of a fully ionized cold plasma in a uniform external magnetic field are treated by standard small amplitude theory. Finite temperature and collision effects are neglected.Expand
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Thermalization processes in the earth's bow shock are examined with particular emphasis on ion heating. A two-dimensional analysis of the ion-ion streaming instability using the completeExpand
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An integrated national energy research and development program.
  • P. Auer
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  • 19 April 1974
The basic problem in the energy crisis is to balance energy supply and demand in such a way that various economic, international, environmental, and societal factors are taken into consideration evenExpand
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Nonlinear magnetic field transport in opening switch plasmas
The nonlinear transport of magnetic field in collisionless plasmas, as present in the plasma opening switch (POS), using the implicit multifluid simulation code anthem [J. Comput. Phys. 71, 429Expand
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Diffusion across an Interface
Ideal diffusion in the sense of Fick's law in a heterogeneous system composed of two liquids is discussed by means of a three‐region model where the two bulk liquid regions adjoin a third regionExpand
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