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Home Computers and School Performance
We find that having a home computer is associated with higher test scores in mathematics and reading, even after controlling for family income and for cultural and social capital. Expand
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The Deskilling Controversy
The thesis that capitalism continues to degrade and deskill work in the twentieth century, creating an ever more unskilled proletariat, has been forcefully argued by Harry Braverman and hisExpand
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The effect of lithium carbonate on affect, mood, and personality of normal subjects.
Data reflecting affect, mood, and personality attributes of 23 normal men were compared after two weeks of placebo administration and two weeks of therapeutic serum lithium levels (mean, 0.91Expand
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The Impact of Family on Job Displacement and Recovery
Rates of involuntary job loss (from plant closures, downsizing, and so on) have been increasing in the United States during the past 15 years. Using several cross-sectional surveys from the CurrentExpand
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Big brother and the sweatshop: computer surveillance in the automated office
Several authoritative sources have raised the possibility that computer counting and monitoring of work in automated workplaces will transform offices into electronic sweatshops. This paper examinesExpand
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Government Policy and Local Practice
Pressman and Wildavsky's (1973) popular view that government policy becomes ineffectual in the face of local exigencies is questioned. In contrast, using a case study of government policy onExpand
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Ethnomethodology since Garfinkel
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Lithium carbonate and ethanol induced "highs" in normal subjects.
The responses of twenty-three normal male subjects to a standardized dose of 95% ethanol (1.32 ml/kg of body weight) were compared after two weeks of placebo and two weeks of therapeutic serumExpand
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The Clerk Deskilled: A Study in False Nostalgia
For some, the history of clerical work epitomizes the way in which technological change and the division of labor result in the deskilling and degradation of work. This paper argues that thisExpand
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