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Production Networks and Trade Patterns in East Asia: Regionalization or Globalization?
This paper examines the implications of global production sharing for economic integration in East Asia with emphasis on the behavior of trade flows in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis.Expand
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Production fragmentation and trade integration: East Asia in a global context
This paper examines the implications of international production fragmentation for analysing global and regional trade patterns, with special emphasis on countries in East Asia. It is found that,Expand
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Product Fragmentation and Trade Patterns in East Asia
International product fragmentationthe cross-border dispersion of component production/assembly within vertically integrated production processesis an important feature of the deepening structuralExpand
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The Determinants of Private Saving in India
This paper examines the determinants of private saving in the process of economic development, in the light of the Indian experience during the period 1954 - 1998. The methodology involves theExpand
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The Rise of China and East Asian Export Performance: Is the Crowding-Out Fear Warranted?
This paper examines the effects of China’s rapid integration into the global economy on export performance of its East Asian neighbours against the backdrop of ongoing changes in patterns ofExpand
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Pricing to Market Behaviour and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Japanese Exports
This paper examines the relationship between exchange rate changes and Japanese export pricing behavior employing a methodology which permits the separate measurement of pricing to market behaviorExpand
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Capital Inflows and the Real Exchange Rate: A Comparative Study of Asia and Latin America
The nexus of real exchange rate (RER) and capital inflows is examined through a comparative analysis of the experiences of emerging market economies in Asian and Latin America during the periodExpand
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The Indian Ocean Tsunami: Economic Impact, Disaster Management, and Lessons
This paper documents and analyzes the immediate economic impact of the Indian Ocean tsunami generated by the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of 26 December 2004, with a focus on Indonesia (Aceh province)Expand
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Interest rates, saving and investment: Evidence from India
The role of interest rates in the process of economic development is examined through an empirical inquiry into the interest rate-saving-investment nexus in the Indian economy during the periodExpand
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Trade Policy Reforms and the Structure of Protection in Vietnam
This paper examines the current state of the trade policy regime in Vietnam against the backdrop of market-oriented policy reforms undertaken over the past one-and-a-half decades. The core of theExpand
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