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FlexibleSUSY - A spectrum generator generator for supersymmetric models
FlexibleSUSY, a Mathematica and C++ package, which generates a fast, precise C++ spectrum generator for any SUSY model specified by the user, making it easy to adapt and extend with new features. Expand
Next-to-minimal SOFTSUSY
This paper serves as a manual to the NMSSM mode of the SOFTSUSY program, detailing the approximations and conventions used, and the renormalisation group equations are solved numerically between the weak scale and a high energy scale using a nested iterative algorithm. Expand
Constrained exceptional supersymmetric standard model
We propose and study a constrained version of the exceptional supersymmetric standard model (E6SSM), which we call the cE6SSM, based on a universal high energy scalar mass m0, trilinear scalarExpand
GAMBIT: the global and modular beyond-the-standard-model inference tool
We describe the open-source global fitting package GAMBIT: the Global And Modular Beyond-the-Standard-Model Inference Tool. GAMBIT combines extensive calculations of observables and likelihoods inExpand
New measure of fine tuning
The solution to fine tuning is one of the principal motivations for beyond the standard model (BSM) studies. However constraints on new physics indicate that many of these BSM models are alsoExpand
FlexibleSUSY 2.0: Extensions to investigate the phenomenology of SUSY and non-SUSY models
The extensions presented here significantly increase the generality and capabilities of the FlexibleSUSY package, which already works with a wide class of models, while maintaining an elegant structure and easy to use interfaces. Expand
Precise Higgs mass calculations in (non-)minimal supersymmetry at both high and low scales
A bstractWe present FlexibleEFTHiggs, a method for calculating the SM-like Higgs pole mass in SUSY (and even non-SUSY) models, which combines an effective field theory approach with a diagrammaticExpand
A global fit of the MSSM with GAMBIT
We study the seven-dimensional Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM7) with the new GAMBIT software framework, with all parameters defined at the weak scale. Our analysis significantly extendsExpand
Global analyses of Higgs portal singlet dark matter models using GAMBIT
Global analyses of effective Higgs portal dark matter models in the frequentist and Bayesian statistical frameworks are presented and DDCalc2.0, a tool for calculating direct detection observables and likelihoods for arbitrary non-relativistic effective operators is presented. Expand
SpecBit, DecayBit and PrecisionBit: GAMBIT modules for computing mass spectra, particle decay rates and precision observables
We present the GAMBIT modules SpecBit, DecayBit and PrecisionBit. Together they provide a new framework for linking publicly available spectrum generators, decay codes and other precision observableExpand