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Education alone is not enough in ventilator associated pneumonia care bundle compliance
Objective: Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) described as a secondary and preventable consequence in mechanically ventilated patients, emerges 48 h or more after patients intubation. ConsideringExpand
Errors of oral medication administration in a patient with enteral feeding tube
Enteral feeding tube is employed for feeding of critically ill patients who are unable to eat. In the cases of oral medication administration to enterally fed patients, some potential errors couldExpand
Introduction: In recent years, there has been an increase in the trend for cesarean section. Due to surgical complications, financial costs and mother’s long period of hospitalization, vaginalExpand
Effects of gamma oryzanol on factors of oxidative stress and sepsis-induced lung injury in experimental animal model
Objective (s): There is corroborating evidence to substantiate redox imbalance and oxidative stress in sepsis that finally leads to organ damage or even death. Gamma oryzanol (GO) is one of the majorExpand
Medicinal plants used in the treatment of Malaria: A key emphasis to Artemisia, Cinchona, Cryptolepis, and Tabebuia genera
Malaria is one of the life‐threatening parasitic diseases that is endemic in tropical areas. The increased prevalence of malaria due to drug resistance leads to a high incidence of mortality. DrugExpand
Screening of Anti-Malarial Activity of Different Extracts Obtained from Three Species of Scrophularia Growing in Iran
Scrophularia genus belonging to the family of Scrophulariaceae, is a medicinal plant widely distributed in Iran. In the present study, the anti-malarial activity of different extracts of threeExpand
Extraction of essential oils of Ferulago angulata with microwave-assisted hydrodistillation
Abstract Ferulago angulata (Apiaceae), an important medicinal plant of Iran, has been considered to have different therapeutical effects and are widely used in the perfume and pharmacologicalExpand
Vitamins, Are They Safe?
The consumption of a daily multivitamin among people all over the world is dramatically increasing in recent years. Most of the people believe that if vitamins are not effective, at least they areExpand
Potent cytotoxic flavonoids from Iranian Securigera securidaca
The seeds of Securigera securidaca (Fabaceae) were used for treatment of diabetes in folk medicine of Iran. In this study the cytotoxicity of different fractions of seeds extract led to purificationExpand
A Survey on Phytochemical Composition and Biological Activity of Zygophyllum fabago from Iran
Purpose: Zygophyllum fabago L. (Z. fabago) is a widespread perennial herb which is used as a medicinal plant in traditional medicine of Iran, Turkey and China. The present study was a survey onExpand