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Chemistry, formation and occurrence of genotoxic heterocyclic amines identified in model systems and cooked foods
Abstract Some 20 years ago, Japanese scientists discovered a new group of highly mutagenic compounds, classified as heterocyclic aromatic amines, from broiled and grilled meat and fish dishes. ManyExpand
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Formation of Heterocyclic Amines in a Meat Juice Model System
Bovine meat juice was used as a model system to examine the kinetics of the formation of heterocyclic amines. The formation was examined at temperatures between 100 and 225°C for 0.5-180 min. HeatedExpand
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Polymer versus monomer as displacer in immobilized metal affinity chromatography.
Successful immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) of proteins on Cu2+-iminodiacetic acid Sepharose has been carried out in a displacement mode using a synthetic copolymer of vinyl imidazoleExpand
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cyclo(ß-Asp-ß3-hVal-ß3-hLys)-Solid-Phase Synthesis and Solution Structure of a Water Soluble ß-Tripeptide
cyclo(s-Asp-s3-hVal-s3-hLys)-Solid-Phase Synthesis and Solution Structure of a Water Soluble s-Tripeptide
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Formation of mutagenic Maillard Reaction products.
A model system was used to examine the kinetics of formation of polar heterocyclic amines by heating the precursors creatinine, glucose and amino acids in proportions similar to those in bovine meatExpand
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