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A Bayesian iterative geomagnetic model with universal data input: Self-consistent spherical harmonic evolution for the geomagnetic field over the last 4000 years
Abstract Changes of the Earth's magnetic field have been observed with varying spatial and temporal resolution since the middle ages by means of compasses, and later by refined mechanical inclinationExpand
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Unbiased analysis of geomagnetic data sets and comparison of historical data with paleomagnetic and archeomagnetic records
Reconstructions of the past geomagnetic field provide fundamental constraints for understanding the dynamics of the Earth's interior, as well as serving as basis for magnetostratigraphic andExpand
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Orientation of churches by magnetic compasses
SUMMARY In Christian religion the sunrise is of great symbolic importance. Therefore, many churches constructed in the Middle Ages point towards geographic East. Although ‘easting’ of churchesExpand
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Interpretation of temporal gravity variations in Obergurgl – effect of glacial ablation
In Obergurgl, located at an elevation of about 1930 m in the Austrian Eastern Alps, absolute gravity measurements have been regularly performed by BEV operating JILAg-6 (1987-2009). In this period aExpand
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New archeomagnetic secular variation data from Central Europe, II: Intensities
Abstract Variations of the geomagnetic field during the past millennia can be obtained by investigating archeological material. The spatial distribution of the available data across Europe is ratherExpand