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Tunneling transport in polyoxometalate based composite materials
Molecular materials containing tungsten polyoxometalates as the active elements embedded into polymer matrices are investigated as candidates for electronic device applications. The transportExpand
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Harnessing photochemical internalization with dual degradable nanoparticles for combinatorial photo–chemotherapy
Light-controlled drug delivery systems constitute an appealing means to direct and confine drug release spatiotemporally at the site of interest with high specificity. However, the utilization ofExpand
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The influence of hydrogenation and oxygen vacancies on molybdenum oxides work function and gap states for application in organic optoelectronics.
Molybdenum oxide is used as a low-resistance anode interfacial layer in applications such as organic light emitting diodes and organic photovoltaics. However, little is known about the correlationExpand
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A biomolecule friendly photolithographic process for fabrication of protein microarrays on polymeric films coated on silicon chips.
The last years, there is a steadily growing demand for methods and materials appropriate to create patterns of biomolecules for bioanalytical applications. Here, a photolithographic method forExpand
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Polyoxometalate-based layered structures for charge transport control in molecular devices.
Hybrid organic-inorganic films consisted of molecular layers of a Keggin-structure polyoxometalate (POM: 12-tungstophosphoric acid, H(3)PW(12)O(40)) and 1,12-diaminododecane (DD) on 3-aminopropylExpand
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Molecular Storage Elements for Proton Memory Devices
The one-bit memory-cell structure of choice for use in digital integrated circuit (IC) applications would be a single field-effect-transistor (FET) that includes a binary information storage elementExpand
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UV exposure and temperature effects on curing mechanisms in thin linseed oil films: Spectroscopic and chromatographic studies
The influence of thermal and photochemical treatment in the curing mechanisms of thin linseed oil films is studied. The role of copper acetate pigments is also investigated under the aboveExpand
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Thin-Film Study on the Oxidation of Linseed Oil in the Presence of Selected Copper Pigments
In the context of investigating the thermal degradation and yellowing of painting media by oxygen, the effect of the green copper compounds, malachite (basic copper carbonate), verdigris (basicExpand
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Electrical characterization of molecular monolayers containing tungsten polyoxometalates
Electron transport and charge confinement properties of polyoxometalate-diamine multilayer films prepared with the layer-by-layer self-assembly method have been investigated. The preparation of theExpand
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Hybrid organic–inorganic materials for molecular proton memory devices
Abstract Molecular storage elements consisting of a stack of a proton conducting layer (PCL) and a proton trapping layer (PTL) are investigated in view of their perspective application toExpand
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