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Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of Stock Markets
Utilizing time series methods and data from five developed economies, we examine the relationship between stock market development and economic growth, controlling for the effects of the bankingExpand
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Financial structure and economic growth
Recent empirical work on financial structure and economic growth analyzes multi-country dataset in panel and/or cross-section frameworks and concludes that financial structure is irrelevant. WeExpand
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Reinventing Fiscal Policy
Recent developments in macroeconomic policy, in terms of both theory and practice, have elevated monetary policy while downgrading fiscal policy. Monetary policy has focused on the setting ofExpand
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Aggregate Demand, Conflict, and Capacity in the Inflationary Process
The dominant view relating to unemployment and inflation is that inflation will be constant at a level of unemployment (the nonaccelerating inflation rate of unemployment, NAIRU) determined on theExpand
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Financial Liberalization and the Relationship Between Finance and Growth
This major Handbook consists of 29 contributions that explore the full range of exciting and interesting work on money and finance currently taking place within heterodox economics. There are manyExpand
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A Handbook of Alternative Monetary Economics
A handbook of alternative monetary economics , A handbook of alternative monetary economics , کتابخانه دیجیتال و فن آوری اطلاعات دانشگاه امام صادق(ع)
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Financial crisis in Southeast Asia: dispelling illusion the Minskyan way
This paper extends Minsky's financial instability hypothesis to the case of the open, 'liberalised', economy, making it possible to put forward a specifically Minskyan account of the road to theExpand
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The Relationship between Capital Stock, Unemployment and Wages in Nine EMU Countries
The focus of this paper is to investigate the importance of the capital stock in the determination of wages and unemployment in a range of EMU countries and to compare the results across countries. AExpand
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Can Monetary Policy Affect the Real Economy?
Current monetary policy involves the manipulation of the Central Bank interest rate (the repo rate), with the specific objective of achieving the goal(s) of monetary policy. The latter is normallyExpand
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