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Scales of coastal heterogeneity and benthic intertidal species richness, diversity and abundance
The present study showed that the scales which influenced abundance were smaller than 20 cm in the intertidal zone and indicated that 2 distinct spatial scales explained the vanab~lity within the same marine intert tidal community, i e vanability in species nchness and in abundance.
From Sea to Sea: Canada's Three Oceans of Biodiversity
Considering the difficulties encountered in compiling an overview of biogeographic data and the diversity of species or taxa in Canada's three oceans, this synthesis is intended to serve as a biodiversity baseline for a new program on marine biodiversity, the Canadian Healthy Ocean Network.
DNA Barcodes for Marine Biodiversity: Moving Fast Forward?
This paper will review the role of DNA barcoding for the study of marine biodiversity at the species level and can reliably assign unknown specimens to known species, also flagging potential cryptic species and genetically distant populations.
Influence of suspended mussel lines on the biogeochemical fluxes in adjacent water in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine (Quebec, Canada)
Oxygen consumption and nutrient fluxes were measured in 80 L enclosures containing water, 1- or 2-year-old mussels, or 1- or 2-year-old line sections (mussels plus associated fauna – organic matter...
Climate forcing multiplies biological productivity in the coastal Arctic Ocean
The effects of changing ice and atmospheric conditions on the upwelling of deep nutrient‐laden waters and biological productivity in the coastal Beaufort Sea were quantified using a unique
Temporal variation in the structure of intertidal assemblages following the removal of sewage
The results suggest that sewage outfalls have little impact on the number of midshore species and supports the importance of using more than 1 reference and control areas to measure recovery of a site without ambiguity.
Influence of suspended and off-bottom mussel culture on the sea bottom and benthic habitats: a review.
This work takes a holistic approach to review off-bottom and suspended mussel culture effects on the benthic environment andbenthic communities, including aggregation of epibenthic macrofauna in culture sites, alteration of plankton communities, and the enhancement of exotic and indigenous pest species owing to the addition of physical structure to the environment.